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August 21, 2020


First Week Feelings

First Week Feelings
The Sound Bearier
First Week Feelings

Show Notes

The first week of Fall 2020 semester closes out today. 

Our Jennifer Starling offers some great advice for students to navigate this highly challening semester. A few timely notes and you've got a Bear Byte episode of The Sound Bearier! 

Thank you to Jennifer and our friends in the Entertainment Technology department for their hard work. 


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Why We Give Thanks at Northeast State

For what do you give thanks during the Thanksgiving holiday season? In this special episode, The Sound Bearier team hit the streets to ask our Northeast State family for their thoughts on what they hold dear this season and all year. Going beyond the standard "family and food" answers, the responses are insightful, funny, and moving.  TSB gives thanks for our listeners, and those who made our podcast possible.  We also give thanks to Will MacMorran and the Entertainment Technology department at Northeast State for their stellar work making TSB happen.   Happy Thanksgiving from The Sound Bearier! Northeast State Community College ...



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Northeast State alumna.  People person. Animal lover. Owner of a pet snake. As a communications representative for our college, Kirsti Graybeal is often the first person people meet when arriving on the Northeast State campus for the first time. Get to know this free-spirited East Tennessee native in a new Bear Biography episode with host Matthew Poole.   ...