Episode 24

July 12, 2021


Be Wise & Be Advised w/ Julie Dykes

Be Wise & Be Advised w/ Julie Dykes
The Sound Bearier
Be Wise & Be Advised w/ Julie Dykes

Jul 12 2021 | 00:21:50


Show Notes

Fall semester approaches!  What classes do I need to get the degree I want?

In this episode, Northeast State Academic Advisor and Completion Coach Julie Dykes answers this question and many others.

Julie talks about navigating class schedules, how to thrive in a virtual class setting, and what questions students SHOULD ask advisors. She and Northeast State’s Advising Resource Center team assist students with academic advising in person or virtually via telephone, email, or Zoom.

Give a listen to how advising provides an academic road map to complete your degree or certificate. You can email to [email protected], or call at 423.323.0214 to get started.

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